From the recording My Heaven Samples


Bismillah (In the name of God)Written by Bassem Rashidi
Bismillah Alrahmaan Alraheem (Chorus) In the name of God (Allah), Everything we start (Allah) (2)It brings comfort to the heart
When you don’t know where to start (2) 
Everything should begin in the name of Allah 
Bismillah Alrahmaan Alraheem
 بسمك يا ربي (الله) إغفرلي ذنبي  (الله)
بسمك يا ربي (الله) نورلي دربي  (الله)
بسمك إشرح لي صدري بسمك يسر لي أمري (2)
بسمك طهرلي قلبي يا رحمان يا رحيم
 Meaning of the Arabic:
In/With your name my lord, forgive my sins
In/With your name my lord lighten/brighten my path
With your name purify/open my chest
With your name ease my affairs
With your name purify my heart you are most merciful